Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Moved!!

Salam Sisters, I moved so i just got my Internet back on today. I am excited we got a bigger and better apartment (townhouse) and i will have a washer and dryer put in soon, no more going to the laundry (YAY). I got brand new carpet and Its just nice and relaxing!! The other place i lived i felt like i lived in the ghetto..lol!! Always cops and you could here gunshots sometimes and the neighbors were always fighting. It was miserable. Now maybe i can get back to my less stressful life and maybe back to my diet and walking and lose some weight. I had lost around 70# 3 years ago and i gained 25# back so that is depressing. I went to put on some of my summer stuff to wear around the house and it is all tight...uuggg...I felt so bad!! It makes you feel depressed and dissappointed and like a failure when you work so hard to lose weight and then gain some of it back and losing weight is a very hard thing to do!! Keeping it off is just as hard as losing it. I still have a long way to go!! I dont want to be really skinny just healthy and able to shop for cute clothes instead of settling for what fits me. But anyways i have to say that i am happier in my new apartment. So that will be a plus in mine and Aziz's life. So I will post later sisters when i have time. You all have a great day