Sunday, December 20, 2009

Moroccan Cuisine

I  love Moroccan Food...but I have never had it made by a Moroccan Woman just My Husband and his friends....So I am looking forward to going to Morocco and having the good stuff and learning how to make it myself. So what i have learned form them I have kind of  taken what they know and added my own twist. I make Moroccan American Cuisine...It has the spices and the basics of Moroccan food but i prepare it in an American way...I like cooking...Aziz and I are looking for our own apartment so we dont have any room mates. It will be alot better then...when you have alot of boys in a house the food magically when i have my own kitchen I will be able to keep food more than a few hours and actually have some leftovers...Anyways i need to go so will write more later....


Salam Sisters

Beef Ttawa I don't measure so i will approximate....This is prepared in a 9X13 baking pan (Ttawa)

1 pound of ground beef ( you can just piece it out or make meatballs)
3 cloves of garlic (minced)
3 roma tomatoes (diced)
Carrots (i use the baby ones but if you have big ones just cut them into pieces so they cook fast)
1/4 cup of cilantro (finely chopped)
1/4 cup of parsley (finely chopped)
4 potatoes (peeled and large dice)
Oil (enough to coat all the veggies so the spices stick to them)
Spices (i dont measure just put what i think is a good amount)
Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Cumin, Ground Saffron or yellow coloring, little garlic salt)

Now mix all the veggies, herbs, spices, and oil together in the pan
In a bowl mix the beef with a little bit of all the spices so that it will have a good flavor and not be bland. then make it in pieces or meatballs. and lay it evenly on top of the vegetables add some water (about 1cup or 1 1/2 cup if you like it to have some juice.

Then everyone eats out of the same pan with bread.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Added new Darija

Salam Alikum,

I added a few new words to the Darija check it out at the bottom right corner.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I love this Blog called 760 Days in Morocco but she has decided to stop blogging. She is going on to other things but she has a page called Darija which is Moroccan Arabic words. It was one of my favorite parts of her blog and so i have decided to try and do it on my blog.  So coming soon there will be some Darija on here for those of you who would like to learn some Moroccan Arabic. Look at the bottom under the Blog Archive on the right side. That is where the list of Darija will Begin. Stay Tuned in for more words coming very soon.


Salam Sisters,

Cocot, Tagine, Gameela, Ttawa these are some of the names that my husband calls dishes he makes. 





We are having Ttawa tonight with ground beef, potatos, onion, carrot, garlic, parsley, cilantro, oil, water, and spices. Aziz cooked tonight. He cooks pretty good. I have learned to make Moroccan Tea very good, I LOVE IT!! I also learned to make Moroccan Coffee too. My first Ramadan I went to the CousCous Cafe for breakfast (futr) and i had coffee cream it was good so i played around with the instant coffee sugar and milk and it is really good I figured out that you can make the milk foam using the microwave. Here is How.

I fill my coffee cup with milk and then i pour it in a tall glass then i put it in the microwave till the milk is hot maybe like 2 minutes depending on your microwave then i add one teaspoon of folgers instant cofee and sugar to taste. then i put it back in the microwave and i put it on 2 minutes with the light on so i can watch it the milk will start rising up the glass and make a foam thats why it needs to be a tall glass. when it rises to the top stop the microwave and let it go back down then start it again and let it rise up then stop it again usually 2 times is enough then pour it back into the coffee cup be careful cause it is very hot use a pot holder or towel. and you have coffee cream with foam. DELICIOUS  try it and tell me what you think. ok

Well we are fixin to eat so will blog later!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am making gameela with chicken potatos carrots tomatos, onions, cilantro, garlic, parsley, and lots of spices. This is my 2nd attempt to make a gameela and the first one was good everyone loved it but i think this one is going to be better...I want to learn how to make all the moroccan food...insha Allah one day i can learn from Aziz's Mom....I am just writing a blog right fast while i am waiting for it to finish cooking. this is also my first time using a pressure cooker.  My aunt had a bad experience with a pressure cooker once so i am scared of them!!! but so far so good insha Allah. Later sisters gonna eat!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feeling Better

I had a great suggestion from my new friend (t) she said i should start doing something that I love...Aziz said the same thing so i figure they are right. I love to make my Tutu's and I love to i decided to make my new blog and i went to youtube and did a little bit of and i am starting to feel a little more like ME!!



I have a new blog that I am currently working on please go check it out.

I will be adding new pics of Tutu's that I am making and a color chart so you can order custom orders made in the color you choose. I will be putting prices and sizes and a eventually other stuff that i make on here as well. I will probably be using paypal for customers to pay for their purchase. I am in the process of getting all that organized and worked out right now so keep checking in for new items and follow my new blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You

Well I have been a little bit depressed I am Muslim but being american and christian for many years the holidays are a big part of my life getting together with family and friends. But I have moved a few hours away from my family and I am 17 hours away from my son I have been feeling a little depressed about the distance a little homesick. Which causes Aziz to feel bad because he hates when i am unhappy...he said his goal is to make me happy all the time and he feel frustrated that he cant really do anything to help with this...but thanks to my new email pen pal we will call her (t) I have been coming out of it a little...she checks on me everyday if I havent blogged she wants to know if I am ok...I need to get back to myself so i can get to know her better I think we will be good friends. She checks on me more than my own family does...SO THANK YOU (t) for helping me feel better!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Adventurous Day!!

Salam Alikum Sisters....Well I went to bed really late because I was watching tv on the internet...And time just flew by so I decided to sleep in late...wrong answer...a million phone calls and text messages and no sleep so i got up and took a shower and got dressed because i had to go to the laundry and wash Aziz's Karate Gi well I locked my keys in my car...I called Aziz to tell him and he said Oh my whats wrong with us I broke my iphone today and you locked your keys..he told me just say humdullah so i said it over and over but anyways... Aziz was working and couldnt come to my rescue and I couldnt get it open with a hanger and it was freezing outside today and i was freezing because i had on ballet flats thank Allah for the hijab at least my head was i had to pay this guy $30 to come and unlock my car...I think I need to become a locksmith it took him about 45 seconds to open the door. WOW!! then i get to the house and we went to karate and guess what...Aziz said Oh you washed the wrong Gi I needed the other one but its ok!!! So thats my adventurous day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

No Excuse Really

Sorry sisters, I know I havent posted in a while, but i really have no excuse...not a good one anyway...really nothing interesting has been happening. I am just trying to get back on track with having the stomach bug and then the kidney infection...I believe I am going to have to go back to the doctor because everytime I eat I get a stomach ache...I dont know what is wrong with me I havent been sick in 2 years now I am sick all the time..maybe its stress and nerves...I hate going to the doctor...but maybe they will figure it out and get me back to normal...insha Allah!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sick AGAIN!!

Salamz Sisters....I have been sick again...I just got over the stomach virus now I have a kidney infection...very painful!! I knew it would come soon enough because i have been very lucky i have not been sick in almost 2 years besides the occasional sinus problem. So anyways...i got some antibiotics and I am drinking cranberry juice and lots of water and i am starting to feel better talk to you later!!


Hubby's car got broken into and they stole his GPS and his camera and his spare cellphone. At least I put all the pictures on the computer the other day...Thanks you Allah!!  They were all the nikah pics and all his pics from his visit to morocco. He was very upset because he usually brings them inside the house and he forgot to do it that night. He is ok today though he started his new job and with this job he will have time to pray at the right times...he texted me earlier and said he was at the Mosque and that he is very happy with this job. Insha Allah everything stays good.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid (NOT)

Aziz went to by a lamb today because it was the first chance to get to go out to the farmer who sales them. It is about an hour drive from us...I had to work 12 hours today and alot of our friends also had to work. I think living in a country like Morocco as a muslim would be nice because in the USA it is not a holiday so it is hard to celebrate Eid here. My Boss is Muslim but still we are in USA so business must go on. I am grateful for my job but i wish me staying home was an option. Insha Allah in the near future maybe. But those of you who got to celebrate with your families I am so happy for you!! So Eid Mubarak one more time and good night.

Eid Mubarak

Wishing you all Eid Mubarak.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Job

Well My Boss has finally opened his new cafe in the mall...and i start working there tomorrow...Its going to be interesting...and hopefully fun...I'm worried about working in the mall though...cuz i like to shop!!! But I need to save money for important stuff so i will have to control myself if i see a scarf sale or makeup sale or shoe sale...anyways...I think its going to be fun...oh yea and keep me away from the dippin dots!!! Nite Sisters!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Feeling Better

WOW!! Salamz Sisters!!! I feel good now...finally over being sick!!! I am sure my Hubby is glad too. I am ready to go do something...I am going to try and talk him into going to the movies to see 2012 maybe...He is training for a new job so we have to see what his schedule is gonna be like before we make plans...he has never been to a movie theatre i want to take him to this new theatre that is HUGE!! and so beautiful and a little more expensive but well worth it for his first experience going to the movies. but i have things to do sisters so i will blog more later...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well sisters, I went to visit my family monday night and when i woke up on tuesday i felt really bad...I spent the whole day and the next day in bed or in the bathroom...I had some sort of stomach virus..feeling better today but feel really weak from not eating or drinking...i am trying some sprite and chicken noodle soup in a minute we will see how that goes...but hopefully by tomorrow i am back to myself!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well I dont get to go to thanksgiving to visit my family...I am starting a new job and i have to we are going to visit Monday night after Aziz teaches his karate and coming back on wednesday before his next class so at least i will get to see my family for a little bit...My mom said we will go out to eat on tuesday night...I am anxious again to wear the Hijab in the non-hijab non-muslim sorta racist place... I mean i will be strong and do it but I will still feel a little uncomfortable because all the people will stare at me...I know they will...but Aziz will be there with me and he will give me his strength too and reassure me the whole time...When will this feeling go away...will it ever go away...I dont feel like this in the Big City where i live only there...Is it because that is where i grew up and i know everyone and everyone knows me....I feel bad because I dont want to feel like that...I will walk with my hijab covered head held high but inside i will be nervous...Its not shame because i am proud to be it fear...I dont know...I really dont like to go there!!!

Indian Food

I went to eat out at an Indian Restaurant tonight and I enjoyed being with my Husband so much he talked to me in french which was very romantic then he translated it and it was so sweet...he speaks german too but i tend to giggle when he speaks to me in german because he makes funny faces...ha ha ...but the Indian food was exactly like the Bangladesh food we had and although it is ok I dont think I really like it...I mean ok I really dont like beating around the bush...I can count on 1 hand the things I liked from the numerous things on the buffet...I wanted Mexican food its my favorite but Aziz wanted to go to the Indian place and try it so i time its mexican!!! Then we went over to a friends house and visited ...ok i watched TV they visited in Moroccan...but its ok I watch a couple of good shows...Then we came home and drank some tea to kill the Indian food...and now I am blogging until Aziz comes up stairs...he is talking to his roommate and finishing his tea...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well ever since i switched to Islam I have felt closer to God which is where everyone needs to be and closer to my husband which is also great....but i have felt away from everyone else...My life is so different now and lately I have been feeling that change more. It feels good and bad...I moved to a new city so I dont really have any friends to just talk to and my old friends are just not.... hmmm how do i say it without being mean or rude or disrespectful....they are not the best thing for me anymore i guess you could say...I have been needing someone that is going through the same things as me or understands what it is like to marry a man from another country that has a different culture than I was on my facebook and one of Aziz's cousins asked to be my friend and I looked at his pics and he is married to an american girl so i went to her facebook and asked to be her friend and I read her comments and stuff and she is in the USA and he is in Morocco so she is loney and missing day she was online and she started talking to me and I swear we talked for 2 hours and we have so much in common from both being married to moroccans to the kind of movies and books we read to everything...I had the best time and I finally have a new friend/cousin to talk to...Thank You Allah for sending me this new friend...insha Allah we grow close as sisters someday!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Hidden Surprise

Well my hubby had to work until 2 am last when he got home he took a shower and laid down and he said "I'm so tired, but i brought home some food i left in the car in the back can you go get it for me?" So i went to the car and I was looking and I didn't see any food box and so i moved his jacket and looked and i moved an umbrella and there was a single rose there for me to find....He is the sweetest...I love him so much!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Whats Wrong

I dont know whats wrong with me today??? I prayed the first prayer - I prayed the second prayer - and I cried alot - I prayed the third prayer - I cried even more and i have been on the verge of tears all day...I really dont know what is wrong with me...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hubby is Sick

I feel so bad for Aziz..he is sick i think maybe a sinus infection....he just texted me and said he was going to maybe be home early cause he feels worse!!! I hate when he feels bad cuz then i feel bad!! I will give him some TLC and that will make him better....insha Allah!!


How does everything get so messy...I think its because we live in a small place and we both have too much stuff!! I cant wait to get a bigger is going to be great...hopefully soon...insha tomorrow will be a cleaning day for me....uuugggg....i dont want toooooo!!!! OK enough crying i need to sleep so i can get up tomorrow and put on some good cleaning house music and get to WORK!!  Nite Sistas!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last night I made my Husband laugh during prayer....because I am new at this and still he told me that we needed to pray this last prayer but not as a team that I needed to do it on my own so I was behind him and he could see what I was doing somehow...and i forgot a step...and he said you have to go down then stand back up before you go all the way to the floor...and I said Oh My Gosh I think you have eyes in the back of your head...and he started laughing...I am sure that Allah was laughing too...and then we finished our prayer I know if you laugh at me it will make me shy to pray with you he said..Baby it is a love laugh not a make fun laugh....he is the sweetest man!!

After the Nikah

After the Nikah we went out to eat at a New Place it is a Bangladesh place it was pretty good all Halal so that was a plus...then we went to the CousCous which is a Moroccan Place and had tea and visited friends he was talkin moroccan so i was playing around with the camera and took pics of here they are.

Then I took some Black and Whites I was a liitle bored but Aziz was having such a great time talking that I figured out how to entertain myself I usually carry a book with here are the black and whites...

Is it my Imagination or do Blacj and White Pictures make everthing look better...I think I really love black and white photos!!

Pics From the Day of our Nikah (Wedding Contract)

I finally put the pics of the Nikah on the computer so here they are.

Friday, November 6, 2009

24 days as a Muslim

24 wonderful days as a Muslim!!! I am enjoying learning still there are 500 million and one things to learn about Islam there will never be a day in my life that I don't learn something new...which is interesting...I love to learn...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aziz in Morocco

Aziz went to Morocco this summer and stayed for 2 months I missed him terribly and was sad that i couldnt go with him... but here are a couple of pics in Morocco.

Aziz in Agadir

Waterfalls in Azillal

New Pics from Today

I was bored and sitting on the couch while Aziz was looking on the I was playing with his Iphone taking some pics...I love these pics they are special because this Hijab is the very first Hijab that Aziz ever bought me.

This last pic is my favorite!!! Aziz is the love of my life and I could never ask for a better man than him!!!

My Party Pics

I told you all that I would show you a few pics from my New Muslimah Party that my Moroccan Brothers had for me to Celebrate my conversion to Islam.

I have the most wonderful people in my life..I am a very luck person to Have Aziz and all my friends...Al-humdullilah!!

Ramadan 2009

I really enjoyed Ramadan this year 2009 it was my second time to fast during Ramadan. The first year was a little tough but this year I knew what to expect and It was easier and actually enjoyable. Here is a pic of our breakfast the first day of Ramadan.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Speaking Moroccan Arabic

I want to learn Moroccan Arabic so bad but it is a very difficult language...So is Arabic...What is your opinion? Do you think if I learn regular Arabic it will be easier for me to learn Moroccan Arabic? or do you think i should just keep trying to learn from Aziz and his friends by learning new words and listening to them talk Moroccan Arabic. There is a blog called 760 days in morocco i will try and link it...I like to read it everyday some of you may like it too. and here is another that has some good pictures of morocco ok sisters I need to go through a couple of otes and weed through my junk so....Later!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have been WARNED!!!

Well this is the second time I have been told I am going to go to HELL!!! the first time was from a friends brother before i even became Muslim. I swear I thought he was going to an intervention when he found out i was thinking of converting to Islam...He looked at me like i needed and exorcism performed or something...and now I converted and I let all my "Friends" that I have known from High School know how happy I am and that I am Muslim now and one of my "friends" that I have known since 10th grade told me that I am going to a devil's hell!!! I told him I was sorry for him and his intolerance!!! May Allah (SWT) bless him with the truth!!

New Scarf

Not a great pic...but a really great scarf from Ross for $6.99


Well I was sick last night and all day so BYE BYE Cleaning plans!!! My phone didn't ring but one time today and that was Aziz checking to see if i was feeling better...he was at work all day. I slept most of the day and I feel a little better just no energy at all. I will sleep tonight and then insha Allah I will be good tomorrow. Then back to my cleaning plan...I have to much stuff..I keep thinking where am I gonna put it all? I really have no idea maybe i will have to down size but its hard to through things out...We are thinking we may move soon and get our own place but having roommates is so much cheaper. I for one would like to have more privacy and quiet but we need to save some money too..decisions...decisions!! I want to do whats best for us for our future. Aziz is so sweet though. He told his friend that his goal is to make sure that I am happy that he never wants to see me sad..I could never imagine a better man than him!! I am trying (right now) to Imagine someone better and he is the only image i see!! He makes me laugh when i want to cry, he makes me feel good when i feel bad, he makes me happy when i am sad, he lifts me up when i am down, he lets me know how imprtant i am, he tells me how smart and pretty i am...So i am so lucky that Allah (SWT) brought him to me. good night sisters may you have sweet dreams

Friday, October 30, 2009

BIG Plans Ruined

I had such big plans today to get my bedroom all cleaned and organized again...and the bathroom all clean and all the clean laundry put away and of course I stayed up really late again last night...I so need to get my days and nights switched back...we still havent really got back on track since Ramadan....but all my plans were ruined with one little phone call and 4 little words "Can you work today" so i went to work was only suppose to work from 1 to 5 but ended up being 1 to 10 ugggg....I am so tired and the Tips were bad because it was raining and noone wanted to leave their house to go eat...So my plan is for tomorrow to get it all done...insha phone doent ring tomorrow!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today Was Pink Hijab Day

Me and Aziz stayed up really late last night talking with friends and then he was helping me with my Arabic so i can do the prayer in Arabic. So we slept in late and then I got up and got ready I wore my pretty PINK Hjab for Breast Cancer Awareness today and my favorite maxi dress....and when I got done I woke him up to get ready..I went down stairs and made tea and then we went to this whole sale store and Aziz got a couple of hats and this toy that is a flashlight but if you push the button it shocks you hard...he got me with it at the store!!! He laughed so much...I told him i will get you later...ha ha ha!!! I got three brooches very pretty and a butterfly necklace. then we went to eat Chinese Food I had Sweet and Sour Chicken and rice and a veggie egg roll and he had some stuff with shrimp and pasta...Then we went to get his hair cut...Boy did he need it....even though his curly hair was cute. Then we went to Karate and now we are home!! Now I am sitting here watching him play the flashlight trick on his friends and feeling joy and happiness with each of his laughs and smiles...but we had a  Fun day just relaxing and hanging out together. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update on Hijab

I am sorry I havent posted in a while but I have been busy...but I have a little time tonight so I thought I would update on my experience in the small town i went to. Well nothing out of the ordinary happened noone said anything bad to me..Just strange looks of surprise. I felt a little like I didnt belong there anymore or something. but other than that everything is good.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day

Well I am going back home on Sunday so Tomorrow will be the big day that I wear My scarf out. I have to stop to get gas tomorrow before I leave so we will see...I will post and let you all know whats up!!! I am nervous but I decided that I am not gonna let it bother me anymore I am a Muslim now I am proud of it and I will not be ashamed, embarrassed, or let other peoples opinions bother me again...I can't let it bother me...thats it!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well a relative is having surgery and I have to go back to the city where I am from to take care of them for 2 days. I know that I am gonna be treated like a leper because of the Hijab...I live in a big city and there are alot of different religions no one really cares if you have a scarf on or not you get an occasional stare but....I am going to a small town that is only Christian and a few Catholics mostly rednecks that are closed minded.  I want to be strong and I have already cried once about it....I just really dont know what to expect...I am WORRIED!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mitsy and Aziz

Me and Aziz at our friend Sanjaya's house!!


Salamz Sisters....I worked as a waitress for 13 hours today....My FEET HURT so bad!!! Aziz is so sweet when he gets out of the shower he is going to rub them for me!!!He is the BEST!!! I have to work 11 hours tomorrow...I hope I will get used to the standing all day soon...My bosses mother is visiting from Morocco, she liked the scarf I was wearing today sooo I am going on Wednesday to buy her one as a gift. She works hard at the cafe too she deserves a pretty scarf. But Girls I am very tired and I have to get up early so good night!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Salam Alaikum I am off for a walk at the track where Aziz plays soccer....Walking on Sunday, Karate on Monday, Work for 12 hours on Tuesday, Karate on Wednesday, What to do on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!!!hmmm maybe go to the gym I dont know??? Later Sisters....

Update on my Mom

Salamz Sisters, Some of you have been asking about my mom? How is she with the Hijab now? Well she lives 2 hours away from me so i dont see her that much, She hasn't said anything more about it. I think she is going to be ok about it though...She saw me in it got over the initial shock...We will have to see what she says next time i see her and I am not sure when that will be. My Dad is going to be a different story....I dont get to see him hardly at all he works all the time and is gone away for most of each month and I just dont see him. I havent even told him i converted, I am sure my mom has told him but he has not seen me in the Hijab yet and I am sure he will not be as acceptable and I will get the Why are you being stupid lecture from him. So I am waiting on the date very anxiously!! I really just wish i could avoid that day forever but I know I can't. So I will pray about it...leave it to Allah (swt). Well Sisters I need to go do some Laundry I will post again later.

New Scarves

I went to this wholesale store with my mom and they had a couple of pretty square scaves that i bought....square hijabs are a little different to wear but i wore it today to the grocery store and i have to say i loved it!! It was silky and soft on my skin and i am going to wear it to visit my friend Fatima tomorrow...but its late so good night...later Sisters!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making Dinner

Well I went to the grocery store and i decided to make roast with potatoes, carrots, squash, cabbage, and onion. I am making sort of a tagine or an American take on the tagine i might make some couscous but  we may just eat it with bread....probably with bread...OHHH i had my phone in my hand I was going to text message Aziz and i heard a key in the door and he got off early tonight i was so HAPPY....

Too Much Sleep

I stayed up way to late last night!!! but I had so much fun!!! I love sleeping but i always feel yucky if I sleep too much. I am hungry need to figure out what to make for dinner maybe a roast and some couscous...I need to go make me some Moroccan tea that always makes me feel better and have a piece of my i need that!! and then i will go to the store and get some groceries...i will post about my evening with all my room mates the Moroccan Brothers....Aziz is working til 11pm...i miss him when he is at work so much!!!Later Sisters!!!


I got a big surprise tonight....and they had it planned since we went to the mosque today...We were all standing outside and my Fiance and all of his room mates were talking in Moroccan arabic and of course unless they are talking about tea, bread, the cat, or some other easy words then I have no clue what they are saying...but they were talking about me planning a PARTY to CELEBRATE me becoming a MUSLIM!!! well as you know from my earlier post that I have been cleaning and organizing my Fiances room all evening while he is at work until he calls me and says that he has to stop by the store and get some drinks...because if you know Moroccans they stay up really late and they eat at night...strange but after 2 years I am getting used to it...So he gets home and I had decided to take a shower and put makeup on so i wouldnt look like the cleaning lady and he comes and looks at his room and he loves it and says ok put your scarf over your head its time for the party. I was like what party is it someones birthday or what he said your party for becoming muslim...I was so happy that these guys who i love like my own brothers had thought about me and love me enough to do something so kind and generous for me. I have pics I will put them on when i email them from Aziz's iphone. and that is my PARTY STORY...goodnight Sisters!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Organizing!!! UGG

Well I am organizing my Fiances Closet....guys WHY are they so messy!! I swear I am scared of that closet there are Jinn lurking in there I am sure...I told his room mates if I scream  come save me...they just laughed but I was SERIOUS!!  I also am cleaning the rest of the room too while he is at work SURPRISE...the funny part is he won't be able to find anything and he will be calling me saying "Mitsy where is this and where is that and have you seen this or that"...of course my answer will be its in its place if you look its there....last time I cleaned he said OMG my mom used to do this I cant find anything but then after he settles in he is so relaxed and he tells me thank you I like coming to my room now it is nice!! Well Sisters my break is over I need to go back to work!!!

Muslim Name

My Fiance has named me A'ishah...I liked Asmarah but he said no that A'ishah fits me better...I love that song by Cheb Khaled - Aisha also by Outlandish. i will put some links to videos if you havent heard it please listen to it the one by Cheb Khaled is in french but the Outlandish one is in english.  Outlandish is Awesome...3 guys Moroccan, Indian, and Hispanic. Love Love them.

Outlandish Link

Cheb Khaled Link


I went to the Mosque today I looked so pretty in my new dress told my fiance Please dont forget to take my pic for my blog....and we went home and he said i am going to take a nap and you go get food while i i went to get the food and i came back and then I changed clothes and then he says "What about the picture?".....I was upset i forgot to take the pic of what i consider my new favorite dress of all time i want more of them in different colors....

New Pic

My friend Sanjaya took this of me at the CousCous Cafe we were having tea.

New Dress!!!

I got a new Maxi dress today!!!! I LOVE SHOPPING....but its bad...i need to save money for some very important things!! So I need a few more clothes so i can be more modest so a little more shopping and then NO MORE :( :( :( so sad but its a must...but my new dress is so pretty and I got some costume jewelry and a cute brooch and a flower pin to put on my hijab I am excited...I am going to wear it to Mosque maybe I will have my Fiance take a picture of me and I will put it on here so you can all see it....but I have a story to tell...right now I am kind of broke I told my room mates that I will buy and prepare my food separate because I dont have very much money and I have to be cheep and plus I am dieting....then I said I need new clothes because I dont have alot of modest clothes....then I said I need to lose weight but i need help to stay on track....So I told my Fiance Aziz that I need to pray about all this and Allah will give me the answers....WELLLL...Aziz said Ok Mitsy you can come to my Karate Class two days a week and I will train you in fitness and then you can join my gym and train there....then my Friend from Pakistan he is Muslim too...he said to my Fiance do you care if I give Mitsy a gift and he said I am so happy for her becoming muslim I want to give her some money to buy some modest clothes...then I went to work and my boss he is muslim too said...I have a deal to make with you...I will give you free food, breakfast lunch and dinner plus snacks everyday for six months and see if you eating healthy Moroccan food will make you lose weight and if it does I want to use you as an advertisement for my healthy food....So I was SHOCK...because the day I converted is the day I prayed for all the things I needed help with....And I was just so happy and excited and shocked and it was just indescribable how Allah answered all of my prayers like that...Allah is GREAT!!!! But Sisters I need to sleep so i will get up to pray and go to the Mosque tomorrow!!! Good Night!!

Good but Stressful Day!!

Well I met with my mom today and everything went ok...She is still not totally comfortable with it but i think she will be ok she told me i still looked pretty but she loves my hair and will miss seeing it...I can understand her view but if she understood Islam she would see that it is the best...The best part was after I visited my mom...My fiance and I went to visit friends and we had a great time and then we went to another friends house and had Moroccan tea and talked about religion and family and stuff and one of the friends just got back from Morocco and he had videos of his sisters wedding and all the dresses were so beautiful. I am excited about my wedding and I want to have a moroccan wedding they are so beautiful. and they get to change into alot of different dresses. insha Allah my wedding is like that.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Mom :(

Well I told my mom that she needs to know that i am muslim now and that when she comes today that i will be wearing the Hijab...OH MY....she said "You aren't going with me anywhere if you are wearing that sh*t on your head!!!" I was shocked that her reaction was so strong...I cried....but then I told her that I am sorry Mom that you will be embarrassed to be with me but i love you and respect you and i wish that you will love and respect my choice...she said, "You dont have to wear that thing on your head around me!!" I told her mom this thing is called a Hijab and I am not wearing it for you or for the neighbor or anyone else I dont care what people think I am muslim and I am wearing it because Allah says to wear it that it is good and the correct way for a woman to be respected for who she is not what she looks like. So when she comes i am wearing the Hijab and she can decide to stay or go....Insha Allah she stays!!!

What to do...What to do....!!

Well, since i converted to Islam on 10/13/2009 I have been wearing the Hijab...I havent seen my mom, she is coming to my city tomorrow!!! What to do....she has not seen me in the Hijab, not even a pic of me in the Hijab sooooo, I am anxious because my family are non-muslim and my parents are on the fence about me wearing the Hijab. I am not ashamed to wear the Hijab i just dont want to here the lectures and the whys because i have already heard all that and when I try to answer the whys they DO NOT LISTEN anyway.  I tried to give my mom some literature that i got from the Mosque for her to understand Islam a little better and she didnt even read them I guess I will just wear it and get her over the shock now.


Well I started my Fiance's Karate class today after it was over my first question to him was "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME"....LOL...I am tired but it is worth it....I need to lose some I am gonna do that for exercise plus maybe join the gym...I dont know is a pic of my Fiance aka Sensei...LOL

I am one lucky girl, he is the best man I have ever met in my life...and of all the girls in the world he LOVES me!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh My Aching Feet!!!

My feet hurt now because I worked 12 hours waitressing today at the Moroccan Cafe.....I made good tips but man I am tired!!!and so i dont feel like writing very much cuz i am going to go eat and go to sleep...bye Sistas

Islamic Birthday

Well I did it I converted to Islam today and I feel so good....I been wearing the Hijab and so far its ok a little hard at times but I am doing ok with it...YAY....I feel better than I have ever felt before in my life!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Well I finished all my tshirts...and now I can move. I am moving to the city that my fiance lives in...I packed and I am there now...I am trying to get all of my stuff organized...I need to go shopping and get more hangers i dont think i will have enough to hang my clothes.  I have limited space so more has to hang up instead of going in the drawers. I need some little baskets to organize in too...I like organizing its keeping it that way that is the anyways back to work for me...hope everyone has a great and blessed day...

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Followers

Hi Skye and Sakeenah, welcome, I am so glad you are following me...I didn't get to blog yesterday..and I have to work but i will blog tonight....just wanted to say hi to you guys.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ouch My Hands

I have been working on this one design trying to get it lined up for hours and there are these knobs you have to turn to tighten the screen down and you have to tighten and untighten over an over until you get it right well my hands hurt soooo bad...I feel like crying. I talked to my fiance on the phone he said to take a break and remove myself from it and drink some Moroccan tea and then go back and try it so i did and finally it came together but its late so I decided to leave it lined up and then tomorrow I will print the 133 shirts that I have to do. Hopefully I will get them done...Insha Allah!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I swear I will be a scarfaholic too...I am already collecting some and I haven't even started wearing the Hijab fulltime I can see me being like this too!!! Click this link and watch this video...actually...I like alot of her videos...hijab, makeup, etc....CHeCk ThEm OuT!!!

New Folower

Hi Emoolie.....thanks for following me...I hope your well...I am following you too now....I'm not so sure about this blogging yet I hope I am intersting enough to get more followers...I think I am a little boring myself but other people may think different who knows...but anyways....Marhabin...that is Welcome in Arabic.....

HELP!!! ME!!! ALLAH!!!

Today was not a good day....I am working for my mom and dad doing screenprinting...and  nothing would work my stuff wouldn't line up and I was getting frustrated and I even cried a little...THEN....I thought HELP ME ALLAH so I stopped what I was doing and I prayed for patience so that I could get my stuff all lined up before i stopped for the day so it would be ready for me to work tomorrow....AND.....all i can say is....THANK YOU ALLAH...because I felt a calmness and I stopped crying and then I went back to work and everything just came together....Al-Humdulilah!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


I went shopping today at Wal-Mart because i currently live in a small town Wal-Mart is like, i guess you could say,  a rednecks mall...LOL...but there were some cute scarfs ON SALE $3 WOW...I got a white one with lime green and purple flowers on the end with really pretty fringe and a white one with lime green stripes on the end also a brown and gold one and a pink and white one with sparkles...I LOVE SPARKLES!! Also they had these really cool sweaters for $10 that kinda have a scarf built into them so if you wanted to be covered through a scarf on and run to the store they are good for that. I got a brown and a black one.....I love to shop...that concludes my shopping spree at Wally World...


There are alot of things to remember when it comes to Praying in Islam....will I get it? I will insha Allah!! Its like anything you do the more you do it the easier it gets...So never give up just push ahead!! You know  the BEST things in life are never  EASY!!

My First Follower

I am so EXCITED that KimDonesia is my first follower. I am a big fan of her Blog and Youtube videos. So so excited!!!! 

Karate Shotokan and Taijitsu

My Fiance is Amazing!!!He teaches Karate and he is great!! He works so hard and he is the smartest man I know honestly. I am not being biased because i Love him. He is genuinely smart and kind and honest...I could go on and on. Thank you Allah for sending me this Angel.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Muslim in a Non-Muslim Family

I am having a little bit of trouble with my family...They dont understand Islam and at this time are not willing to learn about it and when i talk to them about it they dont really try to understand what i tell them...Its hard but its not going to discourage me. I feel like this is right for me so I have to do whats best for myself. I am a people pleaser and have always tried to make everyone happy resulting in me not being the happy one...but since I was introduced to Islam and started praying things in my life are changing and getting better. I am the Happiest I have been in my whole life and I believe it will just keep getting better...Insha Allah!!!

My Fiance

This is me and my Fiance he is from Morocco but lives here in the US..We have known each other for 2 years. He is a great guy..He introduced me to Islam and I am greatful to him because I have never had a strong religion I tried lots of churchs and never felt like i belonged...but I believe that Allah is the one and only God and I feel better the more I study and learn the better I feel.

Getting used to being covered

I think the hardest part of covering yourself after you are used to wearing shorts and tank tops is getting used to the heat. Its still warm here in Oklahoma. Just now starting to get cool. I think the winter and fall and spring will be a little better than the summer. So I decided while I am studying Islam that I would occasionally wear the Hijab out. Like to the Mosque, and there is a Moroccan Restaurant that we go to called CousCous Cafe and to visit some of our Muslim Friends. I think it is helping me get used to it though.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Check out the Links they are really informative alot of information I LOVE learning!!!

New To This

I am just starting this blogging thing....So my page is under construction...I hope it gets easier to understand on how to add everything to make it all pretty....well its late here in the US so i will work more when I have time!!