Monday, November 30, 2009

Sick AGAIN!!

Salamz Sisters....I have been sick again...I just got over the stomach virus now I have a kidney infection...very painful!! I knew it would come soon enough because i have been very lucky i have not been sick in almost 2 years besides the occasional sinus problem. So anyways...i got some antibiotics and I am drinking cranberry juice and lots of water and i am starting to feel better talk to you later!!


Hubby's car got broken into and they stole his GPS and his camera and his spare cellphone. At least I put all the pictures on the computer the other day...Thanks you Allah!!  They were all the nikah pics and all his pics from his visit to morocco. He was very upset because he usually brings them inside the house and he forgot to do it that night. He is ok today though he started his new job and with this job he will have time to pray at the right times...he texted me earlier and said he was at the Mosque and that he is very happy with this job. Insha Allah everything stays good.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid (NOT)

Aziz went to by a lamb today because it was the first chance to get to go out to the farmer who sales them. It is about an hour drive from us...I had to work 12 hours today and alot of our friends also had to work. I think living in a country like Morocco as a muslim would be nice because in the USA it is not a holiday so it is hard to celebrate Eid here. My Boss is Muslim but still we are in USA so business must go on. I am grateful for my job but i wish me staying home was an option. Insha Allah in the near future maybe. But those of you who got to celebrate with your families I am so happy for you!! So Eid Mubarak one more time and good night.

Eid Mubarak

Wishing you all Eid Mubarak.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Job

Well My Boss has finally opened his new cafe in the mall...and i start working there tomorrow...Its going to be interesting...and hopefully fun...I'm worried about working in the mall though...cuz i like to shop!!! But I need to save money for important stuff so i will have to control myself if i see a scarf sale or makeup sale or shoe sale...anyways...I think its going to be fun...oh yea and keep me away from the dippin dots!!! Nite Sisters!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Feeling Better

WOW!! Salamz Sisters!!! I feel good now...finally over being sick!!! I am sure my Hubby is glad too. I am ready to go do something...I am going to try and talk him into going to the movies to see 2012 maybe...He is training for a new job so we have to see what his schedule is gonna be like before we make plans...he has never been to a movie theatre i want to take him to this new theatre that is HUGE!! and so beautiful and a little more expensive but well worth it for his first experience going to the movies. but i have things to do sisters so i will blog more later...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well sisters, I went to visit my family monday night and when i woke up on tuesday i felt really bad...I spent the whole day and the next day in bed or in the bathroom...I had some sort of stomach virus..feeling better today but feel really weak from not eating or drinking...i am trying some sprite and chicken noodle soup in a minute we will see how that goes...but hopefully by tomorrow i am back to myself!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well I dont get to go to thanksgiving to visit my family...I am starting a new job and i have to we are going to visit Monday night after Aziz teaches his karate and coming back on wednesday before his next class so at least i will get to see my family for a little bit...My mom said we will go out to eat on tuesday night...I am anxious again to wear the Hijab in the non-hijab non-muslim sorta racist place... I mean i will be strong and do it but I will still feel a little uncomfortable because all the people will stare at me...I know they will...but Aziz will be there with me and he will give me his strength too and reassure me the whole time...When will this feeling go away...will it ever go away...I dont feel like this in the Big City where i live only there...Is it because that is where i grew up and i know everyone and everyone knows me....I feel bad because I dont want to feel like that...I will walk with my hijab covered head held high but inside i will be nervous...Its not shame because i am proud to be it fear...I dont know...I really dont like to go there!!!

Indian Food

I went to eat out at an Indian Restaurant tonight and I enjoyed being with my Husband so much he talked to me in french which was very romantic then he translated it and it was so sweet...he speaks german too but i tend to giggle when he speaks to me in german because he makes funny faces...ha ha ...but the Indian food was exactly like the Bangladesh food we had and although it is ok I dont think I really like it...I mean ok I really dont like beating around the bush...I can count on 1 hand the things I liked from the numerous things on the buffet...I wanted Mexican food its my favorite but Aziz wanted to go to the Indian place and try it so i time its mexican!!! Then we went over to a friends house and visited ...ok i watched TV they visited in Moroccan...but its ok I watch a couple of good shows...Then we came home and drank some tea to kill the Indian food...and now I am blogging until Aziz comes up stairs...he is talking to his roommate and finishing his tea...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well ever since i switched to Islam I have felt closer to God which is where everyone needs to be and closer to my husband which is also great....but i have felt away from everyone else...My life is so different now and lately I have been feeling that change more. It feels good and bad...I moved to a new city so I dont really have any friends to just talk to and my old friends are just not.... hmmm how do i say it without being mean or rude or disrespectful....they are not the best thing for me anymore i guess you could say...I have been needing someone that is going through the same things as me or understands what it is like to marry a man from another country that has a different culture than I was on my facebook and one of Aziz's cousins asked to be my friend and I looked at his pics and he is married to an american girl so i went to her facebook and asked to be her friend and I read her comments and stuff and she is in the USA and he is in Morocco so she is loney and missing day she was online and she started talking to me and I swear we talked for 2 hours and we have so much in common from both being married to moroccans to the kind of movies and books we read to everything...I had the best time and I finally have a new friend/cousin to talk to...Thank You Allah for sending me this new friend...insha Allah we grow close as sisters someday!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Hidden Surprise

Well my hubby had to work until 2 am last when he got home he took a shower and laid down and he said "I'm so tired, but i brought home some food i left in the car in the back can you go get it for me?" So i went to the car and I was looking and I didn't see any food box and so i moved his jacket and looked and i moved an umbrella and there was a single rose there for me to find....He is the sweetest...I love him so much!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Whats Wrong

I dont know whats wrong with me today??? I prayed the first prayer - I prayed the second prayer - and I cried alot - I prayed the third prayer - I cried even more and i have been on the verge of tears all day...I really dont know what is wrong with me...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hubby is Sick

I feel so bad for Aziz..he is sick i think maybe a sinus infection....he just texted me and said he was going to maybe be home early cause he feels worse!!! I hate when he feels bad cuz then i feel bad!! I will give him some TLC and that will make him better....insha Allah!!


How does everything get so messy...I think its because we live in a small place and we both have too much stuff!! I cant wait to get a bigger is going to be great...hopefully soon...insha tomorrow will be a cleaning day for me....uuugggg....i dont want toooooo!!!! OK enough crying i need to sleep so i can get up tomorrow and put on some good cleaning house music and get to WORK!!  Nite Sistas!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last night I made my Husband laugh during prayer....because I am new at this and still he told me that we needed to pray this last prayer but not as a team that I needed to do it on my own so I was behind him and he could see what I was doing somehow...and i forgot a step...and he said you have to go down then stand back up before you go all the way to the floor...and I said Oh My Gosh I think you have eyes in the back of your head...and he started laughing...I am sure that Allah was laughing too...and then we finished our prayer I know if you laugh at me it will make me shy to pray with you he said..Baby it is a love laugh not a make fun laugh....he is the sweetest man!!

After the Nikah

After the Nikah we went out to eat at a New Place it is a Bangladesh place it was pretty good all Halal so that was a plus...then we went to the CousCous which is a Moroccan Place and had tea and visited friends he was talkin moroccan so i was playing around with the camera and took pics of here they are.

Then I took some Black and Whites I was a liitle bored but Aziz was having such a great time talking that I figured out how to entertain myself I usually carry a book with here are the black and whites...

Is it my Imagination or do Blacj and White Pictures make everthing look better...I think I really love black and white photos!!

Pics From the Day of our Nikah (Wedding Contract)

I finally put the pics of the Nikah on the computer so here they are.

Friday, November 6, 2009

24 days as a Muslim

24 wonderful days as a Muslim!!! I am enjoying learning still there are 500 million and one things to learn about Islam there will never be a day in my life that I don't learn something new...which is interesting...I love to learn...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aziz in Morocco

Aziz went to Morocco this summer and stayed for 2 months I missed him terribly and was sad that i couldnt go with him... but here are a couple of pics in Morocco.

Aziz in Agadir

Waterfalls in Azillal

New Pics from Today

I was bored and sitting on the couch while Aziz was looking on the I was playing with his Iphone taking some pics...I love these pics they are special because this Hijab is the very first Hijab that Aziz ever bought me.

This last pic is my favorite!!! Aziz is the love of my life and I could never ask for a better man than him!!!

My Party Pics

I told you all that I would show you a few pics from my New Muslimah Party that my Moroccan Brothers had for me to Celebrate my conversion to Islam.

I have the most wonderful people in my life..I am a very luck person to Have Aziz and all my friends...Al-humdullilah!!

Ramadan 2009

I really enjoyed Ramadan this year 2009 it was my second time to fast during Ramadan. The first year was a little tough but this year I knew what to expect and It was easier and actually enjoyable. Here is a pic of our breakfast the first day of Ramadan.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Speaking Moroccan Arabic

I want to learn Moroccan Arabic so bad but it is a very difficult language...So is Arabic...What is your opinion? Do you think if I learn regular Arabic it will be easier for me to learn Moroccan Arabic? or do you think i should just keep trying to learn from Aziz and his friends by learning new words and listening to them talk Moroccan Arabic. There is a blog called 760 days in morocco i will try and link it...I like to read it everyday some of you may like it too. and here is another that has some good pictures of morocco ok sisters I need to go through a couple of otes and weed through my junk so....Later!!