Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Has anyone else gotten ugly comments from some girl thats anonymous? Shes a real whack job...she left me 9 comments and they were all bashing arab people and me for wearing the hijab. Some people just SUCK!! I cant believe someone would even come on here and waste that much of there time being so negative...she was talking about how wonderful her fiance is and that my husband sucks....well i guess she needs to get a life with her fiance or she wouldnt have so much free time to sit around on the computer reading everyones blogs and bashing them for no reason except for her closed minded stupidity. I am really in disbelief right now im trying to pick my chin up off the ground..really because she insulted everything from our looks to our culture to everything...I cant even believe what i just read. i deleted them and what she said didnt even get to me I just really feel sorry for people like that...We come on here to share our experiences and make new friends some that will not last and some that may last a life time...we are not hurting anyone or doing anything wrong...we are respectful and respectable people with a shared religion or interest. So GO AWAY you losers that like to try and make people feel bad so you can feel good...when all your really doing is showing how big of an idiot you are...Ok I feel better now...lol!!!


  1. some people have no life, ive got the same problem on my blog, they are just sad sacks in the form of humans. don't let it get to you, you know who you are and they obviously don't!

  2. I had a couple comments like that. It may have been the same person, but I'm not sure. She said something about "harelipped arabs." I just responded really kindly to made her feel ashamed for being such a terrible person :-)

  3. if it is SOOO great she wouldn't have the time to go around being a troll. Someone is definitely not happy with themselves. Keep on being strong sister you have something she doesn't Islamic sisterhood.

  4. Salaams. :)

    Be patient with people. Although it is extrememly hurtful, it is just a matter of ignorance. Many people lack real true knowledge about Islam. They only get bits of information from the media which unfortunately is filled with false sterotypes about Muslims. It's our responsibility as Muslims to educate non-Muslims about real Islam, the peaceful Islam.

    As far as critism about you and your husband, brush it off. Be confident in yourself and in your marriage. You never know, your confidence could inspire some not-so-confident people to change in a positive way.

    So hang in there! ;)


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