Sunday, January 3, 2010

Been Busy

Hello everyone, I have just been busy with the holidays and visiting family. but really not a whole lot to tell. I am getting a new puppy in 8 weeks it was born on 12/31/2009 almost a new years puppy. here is a few pics:

its a little girl Chihuahua and we are naming her Zoz which means cutie in moroccan arabic. I have a cat her name is Zwina which means beautiful in Moroccan arabic. so i guess we are sticking to a theme...ha ha!! here is my cat!


  1. Goodness, it looks like you really did manage to get a matching dog as a companion for your kitty. And it'll be about the same size (or even smaller) when it grows up! BTW your kitty is gorgeous masha'Allah!

  2. sorry i didnt abandon u! you should be receiving a package realllllllllly soon!

    LOVE the pix. sooo cute! your kitty looks like my kitty, only like 8lbs less!

  3. Hi A'isha how are you doing? I enjoyed spending time with you the other day. I hope we can hang out again. I really enjoy your blog. I'm learning alot from your site, and I wanna thank you for teaching me how to wear a hijab. Do you have any sites that would help me learn Darija? One last thing, Can you please email those pictures that you showed me of you'll and Sadik? I hope to talk to you soon! My email is