Saturday, March 13, 2010

My New Puppy

I posted pictures back before i even got her. I have her now and she is so sweet and a terror too!! I got her when she was 6 weeks old and now she is 10 weeks today WOW i have had her month! Anyways she is potty trained now and she loves her toys and chewing on everything trying to break her from that Aziz and his poor shoe strings. I told him to put his shoes up, but he didnt listen and now they are shredded on the ends. but she is getting better i scold her and give her a chewy so she will learn to chew that instead and its working slowly. She is very smart she can fetch her toys already and Aziz is teaching her to they play together i have trouble deciding which one is cuter Aziz or the Puppy...I think Aziz!!! but i am gonna add some pics of her i took them with the web cam because my camera got stolen out of Aziz's car and we havent replaced it yet because of the Frugal Theme we are on right now!! OK so here she is:

Zozee sitting on a little stool

Zozee sitting on the desk

Zozee standing on the couch

Zozee laying on the couch what a cutie

Ok girls I really am going to sleep now i just forgot to mention her in my last post. So goodnight and have a good day tomorrow.


  1. PUPPY!!!!!! Masha'Allah, she is so CUTE! Puppies are really something, aren't they? Little terrors on one hand, adorable sweethearts on the other.

  2. She's adorable! I love how alert she small, but probably a HUGE personality. I'm impressed that Aziz was okay with the dog. Most Arabs are not dog lovers or pet people in general. Even though I enjoy animals, I still find myself making a wide circle around dogs and shooing away cats.

  3. Very cute puppy Masha'Allah! And I'm sure your kitties are adorable too :) I am now sharing my life with two not-so-little kitties, wouldn't trade it for the world....