Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time Flies

Oh WOW time flies when your doing NOTHING!! i havent been on here lately and I am sorry to all the girls who like to see what i am doing even when its boring. But I havent been doing anything and that is the truth!! I dont know whats wrong with me I have turned into the couch I think not just sitting on it. I gained like 15 pounds since November maybe 20 I am afraid to get back on the scale. I feel like a failure because I worked so hard to lose 70 pounds and now i can only say 50 thats so BAD!! I just cant get motivated. We are trying to be a funny word...frugal, frugal, frugal!!! Its late I am delirious!! Ok well i decided to take one step to start my Premier Designs Jewelry business back up so i can make some money!!! The first thing i am gonna do is when its that week that we cant pray because mother nature is visiting. I am gonna go get a Mani/Pedi!! I cannot wait!! I really love to get my feet done! I have two parties this month. so i hope they are good ones. so i can make lots of money to shop with. I want to go Thrift Store Hopping and try to find some cute stuff that is cheap so i can keep with the Frugal just had to say it one more time. But I have been working hard to get it up and running again!! So then when thats all situated and Im making some money I am going to buy a new pair of walking shoes. because my others are old and they HURT!! Then its starting to get warmer which is another reason i probably gained some weight is that me and cold weather do not get along at all. I freeze to death!! Then I will make a plan like i did last time and eat right and exercise and walk everyday and just maybe i will lose the rest of the weight that i need to lose. I been watching Biggest Loser for some inspiration..i think its helping a little!! I havent added any Darija words but i will in the next couple of days or so maybe Sunday when I can ask My Husband for some new material. I think i should be done getting the business back on track by Sunday, then I will get out all my old fitness magazines and looking at all those skinny girls will make me sick enough about myself that i will make myself workout thats what helped last time. Motivation I NEED SOME Motivation!! I do have a pair of FAT Pants that I try on every once in awhile to remind myself that i dont want to be able to fit in them again. OH and no more soft drinks :( my downfall!! I always feel better after I stop drinking Soda but the first week or so is so BAD i get a headache and i feel sick and its just torture. I know I will never be a super model but super wife will be Just Fine!! My Hubby teaches karate but it isnt my thing. i am not good at it really i think its the coordination thing i tend to be off balance it might be easier after i lose more weight. I am just going on and on, who knew i had so much of nothing to talk about. My New Friend Tawnee is the reason i blogged today she sent me the sweetest email!! So thanks Tawnee for getting me back on here!! But girlies its really late and i need to sleep a little. but i will be back again soon!!


  1. Salam sis! Glad to see you blogging again...was wondering where you'd been and if you have up on blogging. I totally here you on the motivation thing and it just taked time to get energy back, but once you start doing something it will make you want to do more. I love soda too and it's also my worst enemy and I recently gave it up's so hard! Well, anyway I'm here rooting for you that your business gets off to a successful start and you can get some new walking shoes!

  2. Glad you're back! I've actually read that cold weather contributes to overeating and weight gain. Something about your body makes you eat more when you're cold. Cutting out soda and walking are great ways to lose weight. My sister-in-law lost about 40 lbs a few months before her wedding by walking, cutting out sugary drinks and portion control. Trust me if she can do it you can do it! I'll make dua for you that inshallah Allah will make it easy on you.