Thursday, April 1, 2010

Curve Balls

I swear life is full of curve balls and they keep getting thrown at me and Aziz! We just got our own place with no room mates and we finally had time for ourselves and peace! But then along came my cousin his wife my other cousin and their uncle. Who lost their jobs and need somewhere to stay!! So we are helping them!! I know its the right thing to do because they would have had to sleep on the street somewhere and I cant let family do that. They have been with us for 8 days now things are looking up 2 found a job but pray for them to have a better life and to find jobs and be able to get back on track. and pray for me and Aziz to have patience to be able to have a house full of people again. Talk about tight we have 6 people 1 momma cat 4 baby kittens and a puppy...uggg....we are crowded in a two bedroom apartment....humdullah


  1. May Allah reward you and your hubby for your efforts and your kindness...:)

  2. InshAllah sister you and your husband will recieve ajar from these obstacles. As Allah SWT says "with redemption comes ease"