Sunday, April 11, 2010

Going to try and learn Standard Arabic

I went to the libray today and checked out begginer standard arabic. I think its going to be hard but i want to learn it. I think not only will i be able to understand the Quran but also it will help me to learn Moroccan Arabic too. by learning the sounds of the vowels and hearing and saying it over and over keep me in your dua's that it will come easy to me...inshallah


  1. learning standard arabic will def help you learn Quran insha Allah. i started by learning the arabic alphabet, letter by letter and all the forms of each and all the sounds of each. at first it can all seem overwelming but once u break it down, letter by letter, it'll all start to make sense. there's a great book i bought to learn the alphabet. i'll find the name for you and post it insha Allah. best wishes! may Allah make it easy for you.

  2. Thanks Kylie, great tips on how to learn. May Allah Bless you for helping me!!

  3. salaams Aisha...i didn't 4get u...;) i found the book i wanted to tell you about. it's called "the arabic alphabet, how to read and write it", by nicholas awde and putros samano(published by carol publishing group). i bought this book over ten yrs ago at barnes and nobles. i'm not sure if it's still available or not but i found it to be very useful. it's a thin book so it's not intimidating. and as i mentioned before, they break down the alphabet, letter by letter, form by form, sound by sound.

    a few more things that helped in my early stages; also at barnes and nobles i found a very thin workbook for learning how to write the letters. like a student, i would practice writing these until i learned them. another helpful thing was making flashcards. i wrote each letter on an index card and on the back wrote the name of it (in english letters). i would go thru them everyday to learn them. then i would make hubby show them to me and i'd have to say them (a great way to memorize). it might sound baby-ish but i swear flashcards work wonders!

    may Allah bless you and make it easy for you. :)

  4. Thanks Kylie i will look into those and see if i can find them...i already thought about the flash cards...i started that with the Moroccan Darija words so i will do that with Standard Arabic too...i think your suggestions will be very helpful...may Allah (SWT) bless you too.