Sunday, December 20, 2009

Moroccan Cuisine

I  love Moroccan Food...but I have never had it made by a Moroccan Woman just My Husband and his friends....So I am looking forward to going to Morocco and having the good stuff and learning how to make it myself. So what i have learned form them I have kind of  taken what they know and added my own twist. I make Moroccan American Cuisine...It has the spices and the basics of Moroccan food but i prepare it in an American way...I like cooking...Aziz and I are looking for our own apartment so we dont have any room mates. It will be alot better then...when you have alot of boys in a house the food magically when i have my own kitchen I will be able to keep food more than a few hours and actually have some leftovers...Anyways i need to go so will write more later....


  1. You are going to love Moroccan food in Morocco. Everything is sooooo good! The variety and creativity in their salads is just....divine! I really really loved the salads. And the fried breads stuffed with peppers. Inshallah, you'll love it.

  2. I love Moroccan food too, labenese and syrian.

  3. Thanks for following me! Always love to have new readers. Check out some of my recipes if you want to try something easy. Most of my recipes come from my sisters or mother in law and are traditional recipes adapted for an American kitchen.