Monday, November 16, 2009

Indian Food

I went to eat out at an Indian Restaurant tonight and I enjoyed being with my Husband so much he talked to me in french which was very romantic then he translated it and it was so sweet...he speaks german too but i tend to giggle when he speaks to me in german because he makes funny faces...ha ha ...but the Indian food was exactly like the Bangladesh food we had and although it is ok I dont think I really like it...I mean ok I really dont like beating around the bush...I can count on 1 hand the things I liked from the numerous things on the buffet...I wanted Mexican food its my favorite but Aziz wanted to go to the Indian place and try it so i time its mexican!!! Then we went over to a friends house and visited ...ok i watched TV they visited in Moroccan...but its ok I watch a couple of good shows...Then we came home and drank some tea to kill the Indian food...and now I am blogging until Aziz comes up stairs...he is talking to his roommate and finishing his tea...

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