Monday, November 30, 2009

Sick AGAIN!!

Salamz Sisters....I have been sick again...I just got over the stomach virus now I have a kidney infection...very painful!! I knew it would come soon enough because i have been very lucky i have not been sick in almost 2 years besides the occasional sinus problem. So anyways...i got some antibiotics and I am drinking cranberry juice and lots of water and i am starting to feel better talk to you later!!


  1. Ouch, that does sound painful! I've heard that cranberry juice is very good for kidney/urinary tract infections. Insha'Allah you will get well soon!

  2. May Allah swt give you complete cure ameen!

    I have had severe kidney infections were I had to be hospitalized for DAYS and injected with potassium as i was too weak to swallow it (had a combo stomach virus). Take rest and don't think that because you are feeling better that you are out in the clear. Relax and make dua.