Monday, November 16, 2009


Well I dont get to go to thanksgiving to visit my family...I am starting a new job and i have to we are going to visit Monday night after Aziz teaches his karate and coming back on wednesday before his next class so at least i will get to see my family for a little bit...My mom said we will go out to eat on tuesday night...I am anxious again to wear the Hijab in the non-hijab non-muslim sorta racist place... I mean i will be strong and do it but I will still feel a little uncomfortable because all the people will stare at me...I know they will...but Aziz will be there with me and he will give me his strength too and reassure me the whole time...When will this feeling go away...will it ever go away...I dont feel like this in the Big City where i live only there...Is it because that is where i grew up and i know everyone and everyone knows me....I feel bad because I dont want to feel like that...I will walk with my hijab covered head held high but inside i will be nervous...Its not shame because i am proud to be it fear...I dont know...I really dont like to go there!!!


  1. Whether consciously or not it’s difficult for us to accept that people evolve and they change and they aren’t always going to be the same person we maybe knew in high school or as kids. I think some of your nervousness is because you’re going to be seeing people that you’ve known practically your whole life. They all have ideas about who you are and should be, and it sounds like they aren’t all shy about expressing themselves in less than positive ways. Most of their negativity is a reflection of their own insecurities and ignorance. Some of it could be jealousy, when they see how happy you are and how confident you are in yourself that you’ve made decisions about your life and how you want to live it without looking for their validation. People don’t like being left behind, which is how I’m sure they feel. Just make dua for them inshallah, that they will see the truth, and enjoy your new faith and your new husband!

    On a lighter note, my husband and I like to travel, and sometimes we end up in places that have probably never seen a Muslim before let alone many people of color. We always make a joke of it, and start the trip by singing, “Two of these things are not like the others…”. Then we dazzle everyone with our impeccable English and good manners!

  2. may Allah swt protect you from their bad duas and may he give you the strength to practice your religion ameen.

    May the hearts of those around you soften towards you ameen.

    I'll keep you in my duas.

  3. Thank you for your support Tuttie and Mrs.S I like what you say...and I am thankful for all the good muslims I have met on the blog..May Allah bless you both

  4. Insha'Allah you will be fine. Just remember that you're doing it for ALLAH and no one can stop you!

    Also, I started a new blog! It's at