Monday, November 23, 2009

New Job

Well My Boss has finally opened his new cafe in the mall...and i start working there tomorrow...Its going to be interesting...and hopefully fun...I'm worried about working in the mall though...cuz i like to shop!!! But I need to save money for important stuff so i will have to control myself if i see a scarf sale or makeup sale or shoe sale...anyways...I think its going to be fun...oh yea and keep me away from the dippin dots!!! Nite Sisters!!!


  1. hi sister,
    i'm not sure how to contact you..
    i have two scarves (never worn) that want a new home.
    if you're interested, let me know and i can email you a picture of them to see if you like them or not.
    ps-i really admire your strength...i havent the courage to tell my parents or wear hijab in public yet.

  2. i apprecite you wanting to give them to me but there may be someone at your local mosque who is poor or in need more than me. thank you