Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I know I shouldnt let this anonymous person get to me, but I cannot believe the way people are in this world. One of my pet peaves is ignorant people. Who judge people and talk bad about people they dont even know!!!


  1. must be pretty fascinated by you to be reading and commenting on your blog...;)

    be confident and don't worry what others think. easier said than done but essential for a happy life...:)

  2. salam sis,
    I used to get anonomous comments too, and they do heart- I even got them from "sisters" saying I was just a Muslim for attention. As long as ur blog (and anyone elses) is public u will get comments, eiter from ppl who hate Islam, want to convert u to christianity, or Muslims who think u are not a "good enuf" Muslim. I suggest making ur blog private. If u would like to view my blog please send me ur email address to:
    I hope everything goes well!
    Ave a nice day!~