Thursday, May 6, 2010

I need your Dua's Please

Salam Sisters, Well if you read earlier posts you know i have relatives living with me. well all of them have left but one and he had nowhere to go at all because he has problems with alcohol and he has burnt all his bridges with everyone else. We wanted to give him a chance and try to help him to get his life back on my husband Aziz found him a job as a mechanic with a moroccan guy that is his friend and he has been staying with us and doing really good...UNTIL...TODAY...Aziz sold his car so that he could buy a taxi which means we dropped our insurance on it but it needed some work so before we signed the title over we took it too my cousin at the shop he works at and gave him $100 to fix all the little stuff that it needed....So today i get a phone call from the police and they ask me " do you know so and so" I said "yes hes my cousin" They said "do you own a toyota camry" I said "yes" they said did it have damage to the passenger side and 2 flat tires last time you saw it" I said "no" well i had to go meet the police my cousin is so drunk he cant talk and has wrecked Aziz's car!! so needless to say we had to give the guy back his money so now no taxi and no car to sell and We dont know what is gonna happen for now.

I know Allah works in mysterious ways so i just have to say Hamdullah and know that there is a reason this all happened but Aziz is just beside himself, and I am hurt that because of my family my husband is hurting!! I am up now because i have such a headache and i cant sleep. So please keep us in your dua's and pray that Allah helps us to get everything worked out and that our life can get back on track. That is alot to happen in the 6 months that we have been married and i just feel sick from it.


  1. ina lillahi wa ina ilayhi rajiuun.

    May Allah swt replace what you have lost with something better ameen. and may He grant your family member iman ameen.

  2. so sorry to hear this sister,insha allah may allah make it easy for u and ur fam,stay strong *hugs*

  3. i'm so sorry to hear this, but remember that Allah never gives us more than we can handle. u can not be responsible for what others do, family or otherwise. try not to feel guilty, rather keep your faith strong and work on a solution. may Allah make this easy for you and your hubby! i'll make du'ah for you insha Allah...:)

  4. thanks for your prayers and kind words!!