Sunday, May 2, 2010

CousCous Cafe

Salam Sisters, Tonight me and Aziz went to eat at the CousCous Cafe. I ate Chicken Tagine with couscous and water i also had milfay for dessert, yummy!! Aziz had a Kofta Sandwich and fries and a homemade yogurt and a coke. There were alot of our friends there and we had a good time. I have learned since i dont know the language to take things to keep me busy, a book, my computer, a notebook to write in or something because when we go there we are on Moroccan time and we stay there forever. But it makes Aziz happy because it reminds him of home, so i dont mind. Then we came home and Aziz went to work hes working the night shift tonight...uggg!!! I miss him...but we have to pay the bills! Beslama!!

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