Sunday, May 9, 2010

Couscous Cafe

We went to the Couscous Cafe...its my husbands favorite place...he said he feels like he is in morocco when he goes there. We had Lamb and Couscous and Milfay for dessert OMG it was so good fresh made...yummy!! here is a pic of me at couscous all the moroccan talk i got bored so i was playing with the iphone...

Its a nice place to relax and feel like you are somewhere else...but if you know moroccans they never get in a hurry so i take a book or something to occupy myself while he visits all his friends. Well I am gonna post a couple of other things then i better go Salam Sisters!!

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  1. i can relate to i first moved here and we'd go to my in-laws i'd often take a book or school work to do. i barely understood what anyone was talking about. now, alhamdulilah, i can understand some of it. i also keep very busy with my little guy so no books needed. ;)