Monday, December 7, 2009

Adventurous Day!!

Salam Alikum Sisters....Well I went to bed really late because I was watching tv on the internet...And time just flew by so I decided to sleep in late...wrong answer...a million phone calls and text messages and no sleep so i got up and took a shower and got dressed because i had to go to the laundry and wash Aziz's Karate Gi well I locked my keys in my car...I called Aziz to tell him and he said Oh my whats wrong with us I broke my iphone today and you locked your keys..he told me just say humdullah so i said it over and over but anyways... Aziz was working and couldnt come to my rescue and I couldnt get it open with a hanger and it was freezing outside today and i was freezing because i had on ballet flats thank Allah for the hijab at least my head was i had to pay this guy $30 to come and unlock my car...I think I need to become a locksmith it took him about 45 seconds to open the door. WOW!! then i get to the house and we went to karate and guess what...Aziz said Oh you washed the wrong Gi I needed the other one but its ok!!! So thats my adventurous day.

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