Thursday, December 17, 2009


Salam Sisters,

Cocot, Tagine, Gameela, Ttawa these are some of the names that my husband calls dishes he makes. 





We are having Ttawa tonight with ground beef, potatos, onion, carrot, garlic, parsley, cilantro, oil, water, and spices. Aziz cooked tonight. He cooks pretty good. I have learned to make Moroccan Tea very good, I LOVE IT!! I also learned to make Moroccan Coffee too. My first Ramadan I went to the CousCous Cafe for breakfast (futr) and i had coffee cream it was good so i played around with the instant coffee sugar and milk and it is really good I figured out that you can make the milk foam using the microwave. Here is How.

I fill my coffee cup with milk and then i pour it in a tall glass then i put it in the microwave till the milk is hot maybe like 2 minutes depending on your microwave then i add one teaspoon of folgers instant cofee and sugar to taste. then i put it back in the microwave and i put it on 2 minutes with the light on so i can watch it the milk will start rising up the glass and make a foam thats why it needs to be a tall glass. when it rises to the top stop the microwave and let it go back down then start it again and let it rise up then stop it again usually 2 times is enough then pour it back into the coffee cup be careful cause it is very hot use a pot holder or towel. and you have coffee cream with foam. DELICIOUS  try it and tell me what you think. ok

Well we are fixin to eat so will blog later!!!


  1. what do you use tagine for?!

  2. A tagine is a traditional moroccan dish used to slow cook. here is a link to find out more about the tagine sometimes spelled tajine. just copy and paste and learn...enjoy...peace

  3. That Ttawa sounds delicious, easy and something we would really like...can you provide a few more details about the ingredients? I don't need exact measurements, but which spices and how much oil and water and cooking time?

    I make the same coffee drink here in Morocco and didn't like coffee much until I tried it this way- I get the same result of foam but on the stove by letting it foam up, turn off the gas then let is foam up again.