Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You

Well I have been a little bit depressed I am Muslim but being american and christian for many years the holidays are a big part of my life getting together with family and friends. But I have moved a few hours away from my family and I am 17 hours away from my son I have been feeling a little depressed about the distance a little homesick. Which causes Aziz to feel bad because he hates when i am unhappy...he said his goal is to make me happy all the time and he feel frustrated that he cant really do anything to help with this...but thanks to my new email pen pal we will call her (t) I have been coming out of it a little...she checks on me everyday if I havent blogged she wants to know if I am ok...I need to get back to myself so i can get to know her better I think we will be good friends. She checks on me more than my own family does...SO THANK YOU (t) for helping me feel better!!!


  1. I think you're perfectly normal to be a little sad right now. Just because you don't "celebrate" Christmas anymore doesn't mean you still can't get together with your family on that day!

    I can't believe you have a son! How old is he? (If you don't mind my asking).

  2. Machallah I also feel depressed during this time of year. So what I do is decorate the house with lights and decorative items on our Eids so I can get in the spirit. Lucky for me my sons birthday is so close to christmas that its an exuse to get gifts and celebrate in our household. Also jesus was a great prophet so I dont see it as a bad thing necesarrily just make your own traditions that are more close to islamic accordance.
    Im glad that you have a sister to help you with these tough times my husband is my rock alhumdulilah. I would probally be more sad if it wasnt for his patience and understanding.

  3. @Mrs. S I was married before for 13 years would have been 15 if not a divorce 2 years ago but my son is going to turn 13 on december 18th he lives with his father in Ohio which is 17 hours away i had him on christmas last year so its his dads turn to have him this year...I am 39 years old. but have been told by many i dont look or act my age...should i take that as a good look really good for your age but you are immature could be what they are telling me...or you look good for your age and you are young at heart...thats what i tell myself is what they way i like the you look younger part....thanks for your comment

  4. I know that christians celebrate xmas because its the birth of jesus but I wasnt a very religous person i didnt ever have a very strong religion until i became Muslim. so xmas was never about that for me it was more a celebration of family. because it is hard to get together throughout the year...people live away and have busy lives but we used that holiday to be together as a i need to rename xmas to something different for me...i will have to think up some silly but clever new name for