Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting used to being covered

I think the hardest part of covering yourself after you are used to wearing shorts and tank tops is getting used to the heat. Its still warm here in Oklahoma. Just now starting to get cool. I think the winter and fall and spring will be a little better than the summer. So I decided while I am studying Islam that I would occasionally wear the Hijab out. Like to the Mosque, and there is a Moroccan Restaurant that we go to called CousCous Cafe and to visit some of our Muslim Friends. I think it is helping me get used to it though.


  1. Salaam alaikum sister,

    I think you'll find that wearing an abaya is great in summer. You can wear next to nothing underneath (like a tank top for instance). When it's really hot, look out for muslim abaya (50% abaya/50% cotton is best). Just make sure that the abaya is not "see-through" in the sun. With regards to the headscarf, in hot weather, I think that the ones make of georgette are the best.
    I've seen you've converted (or shall I say reverted) yesterday. Congratulations sister.

  2. What is the difference in convert and revert? I need to read about this when I have time...

  3. Salaam alkm Mimee,

    The idea is that we are all born muslim. When you said your shahada, you did not change your religion but merely went back to it. You went back to the religion Allah Ta'ala has given you when you were born.
    So really, all babies are born muslim. It is their parents who choose to convert them to the religion they follow, be it christianity or judaism.
    I hope that makes sense.
    Having said that, you'll notice that non muslims always say "convert / converted". I'm not sure "revert" is even part of their vocabulary.