Friday, October 16, 2009

Organizing!!! UGG

Well I am organizing my Fiances Closet....guys WHY are they so messy!! I swear I am scared of that closet there are Jinn lurking in there I am sure...I told his room mates if I scream  come save me...they just laughed but I was SERIOUS!!  I also am cleaning the rest of the room too while he is at work SURPRISE...the funny part is he won't be able to find anything and he will be calling me saying "Mitsy where is this and where is that and have you seen this or that"...of course my answer will be its in its place if you look its there....last time I cleaned he said OMG my mom used to do this I cant find anything but then after he settles in he is so relaxed and he tells me thank you I like coming to my room now it is nice!! Well Sisters my break is over I need to go back to work!!!

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