Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Mom :(

Well I told my mom that she needs to know that i am muslim now and that when she comes today that i will be wearing the Hijab...OH MY....she said "You aren't going with me anywhere if you are wearing that sh*t on your head!!!" I was shocked that her reaction was so strong...I cried....but then I told her that I am sorry Mom that you will be embarrassed to be with me but i love you and respect you and i wish that you will love and respect my choice...she said, "You dont have to wear that thing on your head around me!!" I told her mom this thing is called a Hijab and I am not wearing it for you or for the neighbor or anyone else I dont care what people think I am muslim and I am wearing it because Allah says to wear it that it is good and the correct way for a woman to be respected for who she is not what she looks like. So when she comes i am wearing the Hijab and she can decide to stay or go....Insha Allah she stays!!!


  1. mashallah sis !
    you are so strong!
    my mum also told me not 2 wear it about her. I have worn it around her when i go mosque, she doesnt like it, but she drops me off, and washes it for me!
    inshallah your mum comes around!
    much love!!

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  3. salaamz sis
    im sorry to hear your mums reaction. i too went through the same thing when i first put the hijab on,my mum was in shock and disbelief that i would want to cover my 'beauty'. its hard for them to accept at first but insha'allah in time she will patience is key sis. alhamdulillah u have taken such a huge step it will be hard for a while but all in good time u will see its all worth it..

  4. I'm not Muslim, but I started covering my head in August (I had been covering everything else but that for years already). My family are not necessarily thrilled about it, especially not the one Jewish family member.

    I explained to them why I'm wearing it, that it's voluntary, no one is making me do it, and told them that if they are embarrassed to be seen with me in front of their friends, I'll understand. They assured me there wouldn't be any problem with that.

    And you know, a few days after I donned the head covering, I discovered my passport had expired! So I had the opportunity to do up my new passport with the head covering on. I live abroad, so I trotted over to the consulate, everyone was very polite and helpful.

    I am glad you are being firm about doing what you believe in. Some things just have to be more important...

  5. I'm so sorry that your mom reacted in that way. Al hamdulillah you have lots of friends and a fiancee who support you and love you. You were really strong to stick to your decision ;-)

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments and support!!!