Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Salamz Sisters....I worked as a waitress for 13 hours today....My FEET HURT so bad!!! Aziz is so sweet when he gets out of the shower he is going to rub them for me!!!He is the BEST!!! I have to work 11 hours tomorrow...I hope I will get used to the standing all day soon...My bosses mother is visiting from Morocco, she liked the scarf I was wearing today sooo I am going on Wednesday to buy her one as a gift. She works hard at the cafe too she deserves a pretty scarf. But Girls I am very tired and I have to get up early so good night!


  1. Salam's Aishah =]
    Wow, I nvr thought that a hijabi could be a waitress. Although if it's in an Arabic restaurant.. I think it wouldn't be as weird.. but I know If I'm working in Chilis.. ppl would be rude to me.

    May Allah reward you inshAllah
    && aww sweet of him indeed,
    Allah khaliyo la ilek!!

  2. It is in a Moroccan Cafe so almost everyone that dines in there are Muslim all the others are usually of mixed religion....and the Americans that eat there know that they are going to a cafe that is another culture so its not a shock to them to see a Hijabi...I am so tired though 13 hours yesterday and 10 hours today I got off early because it was getting slow...but my feet are saying OUCH!!! Bu you know there is such a diverse culture in big cities which is where most Chilis are that maybe they wouldnt say a word if someone wearing the Hijab waited on them....you never know until you try and equal opportunity says they cant discriminate due to someones religion!!! so i say go for it and dont let someone elses closed mindedness dictate where you work or go or what you do...