Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today Was Pink Hijab Day

Me and Aziz stayed up really late last night talking with friends and then he was helping me with my Arabic so i can do the prayer in Arabic. So we slept in late and then I got up and got ready I wore my pretty PINK Hjab for Breast Cancer Awareness today and my favorite maxi dress....and when I got done I woke him up to get ready..I went down stairs and made tea and then we went to this whole sale store and Aziz got a couple of hats and this toy that is a flashlight but if you push the button it shocks you hard...he got me with it at the store!!! He laughed so much...I told him i will get you later...ha ha ha!!! I got three brooches very pretty and a butterfly necklace. then we went to eat Chinese Food I had Sweet and Sour Chicken and rice and a veggie egg roll and he had some stuff with shrimp and pasta...Then we went to get his hair cut...Boy did he need it....even though his curly hair was cute. Then we went to Karate and now we are home!! Now I am sitting here watching him play the flashlight trick on his friends and feeling joy and happiness with each of his laughs and smiles...but we had a  Fun day just relaxing and hanging out together. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!

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