Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well I was sick last night and all day so BYE BYE Cleaning plans!!! My phone didn't ring but one time today and that was Aziz checking to see if i was feeling better...he was at work all day. I slept most of the day and I feel a little better just no energy at all. I will sleep tonight and then insha Allah I will be good tomorrow. Then back to my cleaning plan...I have to much stuff..I keep thinking where am I gonna put it all? I really have no idea maybe i will have to down size but its hard to through things out...We are thinking we may move soon and get our own place but having roommates is so much cheaper. I for one would like to have more privacy and quiet but we need to save some money too..decisions...decisions!! I want to do whats best for us for our future. Aziz is so sweet though. He told his friend that his goal is to make sure that I am happy that he never wants to see me sad..I could never imagine a better man than him!! I am trying (right now) to Imagine someone better and he is the only image i see!! He makes me laugh when i want to cry, he makes me feel good when i feel bad, he makes me happy when i am sad, he lifts me up when i am down, he lets me know how imprtant i am, he tells me how smart and pretty i am...So i am so lucky that Allah (SWT) brought him to me. good night sisters may you have sweet dreams

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  1. Alhamdoulilah sister! Allah has blessed you with a wonderful husband. Lucky girl :)