Thursday, October 15, 2009

What to do...What to do....!!

Well, since i converted to Islam on 10/13/2009 I have been wearing the Hijab...I havent seen my mom, she is coming to my city tomorrow!!! What to do....she has not seen me in the Hijab, not even a pic of me in the Hijab sooooo, I am anxious because my family are non-muslim and my parents are on the fence about me wearing the Hijab. I am not ashamed to wear the Hijab i just dont want to here the lectures and the whys because i have already heard all that and when I try to answer the whys they DO NOT LISTEN anyway.  I tried to give my mom some literature that i got from the Mosque for her to understand Islam a little better and she didnt even read them I guess I will just wear it and get her over the shock now.


  1. This is a tough one sister. I'll keep you in my duas and ask Allah to give you strength. It's always hurtful when the people who are suppposed to love you most and care for you are not supporting you.
    Unfortunately, it is a common issue with new muslims. People will make nasty comments, hurtful remarks and snort when you try to explain yourself. Don't worry we've all been there.
    The first times are difficult because you feel guilty, although you are not sure why. Eventually, you'll become stronger and won't care what people think of/about you. You'll be standing proud, proud of who you are and proud to be a muslim.
    My mum never seems to mind when she comes to visit but whenever I go to see her she always asks me to take my hijab off. Her reasons "nobody know you here and if you keep it on everyone will stare". Well, let them stare I say.
    My sister always has a fit when she sees me with the hijab. I would have thought she'll get used to it with times but no. As they say, you can't change people. What you can change however is how you view things and how you let things affect you.
    As long as you keep the faith, you'll be fine. Hopefully, your mum will be fine with you wearing the hijab. She might even be interested to learn more about islam and why you wear the hijab.
    Salaam sister.

  2. inshallah sister eveerything goes well. Ill keep you in my dua tonight :)
    My family have an idea im Muslim, but ye they avoid it. I wish i had your strength.
    Love your sister in Islam.


    P.S Keep up the good work, im reading!

  3. salam alaikum sisters...thanks to all of you for commenting...I love to here all of your comments...and I read your blogs too and I keep you in my dua prayers too.