Friday, October 16, 2009

New Dress!!!

I got a new Maxi dress today!!!! I LOVE SHOPPING....but its bad...i need to save money for some very important things!! So I need a few more clothes so i can be more modest so a little more shopping and then NO MORE :( :( :( so sad but its a must...but my new dress is so pretty and I got some costume jewelry and a cute brooch and a flower pin to put on my hijab I am excited...I am going to wear it to Mosque maybe I will have my Fiance take a picture of me and I will put it on here so you can all see it....but I have a story to tell...right now I am kind of broke I told my room mates that I will buy and prepare my food separate because I dont have very much money and I have to be cheep and plus I am dieting....then I said I need new clothes because I dont have alot of modest clothes....then I said I need to lose weight but i need help to stay on track....So I told my Fiance Aziz that I need to pray about all this and Allah will give me the answers....WELLLL...Aziz said Ok Mitsy you can come to my Karate Class two days a week and I will train you in fitness and then you can join my gym and train there....then my Friend from Pakistan he is Muslim too...he said to my Fiance do you care if I give Mitsy a gift and he said I am so happy for her becoming muslim I want to give her some money to buy some modest clothes...then I went to work and my boss he is muslim too said...I have a deal to make with you...I will give you free food, breakfast lunch and dinner plus snacks everyday for six months and see if you eating healthy Moroccan food will make you lose weight and if it does I want to use you as an advertisement for my healthy food....So I was SHOCK...because the day I converted is the day I prayed for all the things I needed help with....And I was just so happy and excited and shocked and it was just indescribable how Allah answered all of my prayers like that...Allah is GREAT!!!! But Sisters I need to sleep so i will get up to pray and go to the Mosque tomorrow!!! Good Night!!


  1. alhamdulillah sis thats all fantastic news.. im glad things are working out for u insha'allah more great things come your way

  2. assalalmu alaikum sister aa'isha,
    jazakallah khair..
    may Allah bless you with peace of mind.

  3. That's true about the Moroccan food as long as you don't eat the many loaves of thick white bread they want you to scoop the entire meal up with! I was told I would lose a lot of weight just by the nature of the food in Morocco, but it wasn't until I started eating without the bread as my fork that this turned out to be true!