Friday, October 16, 2009

Muslim Name

My Fiance has named me A'ishah...I liked Asmarah but he said no that A'ishah fits me better...I love that song by Cheb Khaled - Aisha also by Outlandish. i will put some links to videos if you havent heard it please listen to it the one by Cheb Khaled is in french but the Outlandish one is in english.  Outlandish is Awesome...3 guys Moroccan, Indian, and Hispanic. Love Love them.

Outlandish Link

Cheb Khaled Link


  1. Are you officially changing your name to A'ishah? I really like that name; maybe you can have Asmarah as your middle name!

  2. I dont know yet but I like it alot too!!

  3. It's the name of one of the mothers of the believers, the Prophet's wife
    Wonderful name

  4. It's a nice name. You know, you don't *have* to change your name (unless you really want to) ... as long as your name does not have a bad meaning it's not required. I personally did, as my name directly meant "Christian".